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Melissa Greenhill

South Osborne ARTS GROUP

The Tour


South Osborne Arts Group ART WALK

Stay tuned for 2024 dates!

Please note that not all South Osborne Arts Group artists will be participating in the tour this year. But as always, you can still expect some virtually guaranteed, beautiful sunny weather.


What is the South Osborne Art Walk, you ask? Well, it is a number of artists who all live close together and are opening up their homes and studio spaces for the public to come have a look around. Curious what your neighbour is up to? Come have a look. Always wanted to have a look at art but didn’t know where to start? The Art Walk is definitely a place to start.


Interested in buying something local? We can set you up with something that fits that description. You can walk, bike or run from house to house to see how and where the artist creates their work. Gather some friends and make a day of it, and maybe discover your new favourite artist. You’ll have time to visit with the many talented artists living and working in the neighbourhood, shop local art and maybe have lunch or dinner (or both!) in one of the many great restaurants in the neighbourhood.

Check out the ART WALK MAP to plan your route!

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