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South Osborne Arts Group 

Meet the ARTISTS

Meet the SOAG artists

Alyssa Fraser

Alyssa is a visual artist with a broad (some may say unrefined) range of interests. By day she is a tattoo artist; by night she’s a painter, illustrator, sequential art enthusiast, and pipe-cleaner sculptor. 


Her work is mainly inspired by story, and its relationship to visual art. From myths and folklore to modern tales in all their forms, Alyssa finds inspiration in the stories we tell each other.

IG @alyssamayart

FB @Alyssa May Art


Karen Smith

Karen Smith has worked with glass for nearly 40 years with a current focus on fused glass kiln work. She melts, bends and fuses the glass, then incorporates drilling, sandblasting and polishing to create her finished artworks. The tactile decorative glass is often functional.


IG @bartlet_pair_glass



Mel Larson

Mel Larson creates yard art and jewelry from household items. Ferrous metals, sterling silver and aluminum are the media of his craft. Whimsical insects,  peculiar creatures and caricatures are wrought from up-cycled utensils and tools.


Reymond Pagé

Reymond Pagé is a drawer, a painter, and a photographer fascinated by the architecture of the world and the human face. Aging façades weathering in their own unique way, relentlessly, inevitably, represent a life lived and treasures preserved.


Jessica Hodgson

Jessica Hodgson is a ceramic artist and painter passionate about making work that questions our relationships with nature and nourishment.

IG @jessicahodgsonceramics


Marlene Roy

Marlene Roy has been painting for over 35 years and lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has participated in several group shows and has paintings in private collections in Canada and the United States. 

Roy paints semi-abstract and abstract paintings of landscapes and florals. She does smaller ‘en plein air’ mixed media on paper at the lake where her cottage is located and larger oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper in her city studio.

IG @marlene.ann.roy

FB @marleneannroy


Melissa Greenhill

Melissa is a visual artist living and working in Winnipeg, Canada with her son. She graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Melissa's mixed media pieces are often created on canvas with plenty of collage, acrylic paint, markers and splashes of tea. 

IG @melissa_greenhill

FB @msgreenhill


Ross Penner

Ross Penner is a nature photographer, videographer and painter. He has been taking art photos of nature in Manitoba, Canada and North America for the past sixteen years. His holistic style captures a unique dynamic perspective that is memorizing to your soul. Recently Ross has picked up the brushes again and is creating layered pictures that have a 3D look to them. It is an art style that you will want to experience first hand.


FB: @ropenner


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