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A friendly reminder that not all SOAG artists are participating in the ART WALK this year.

2022 Art Walk participating artists:


 Gladys Stoesz-Hammond  |  Karen Smith

Marlene Roy  |  Mel Larson  |  Melissa Greenhill

Reymond Pagé  |  Steve Jorgenson


South Osborne Arts Group 

Meet the ARTISTS

Meet the SOAG artists

CJ Tennant

Modern Gemstone Jewellery.  Gorgeous natural gemstones in unique, colourful combinations are the hallmarks of our work.  Everything we wear tells a story, to ourselves and to the world.  Let us help you explore the possibilities at our studio.  With 6 new collections every year, we always have something new for you to play dress-up with! 


IG @cjtennantdesign

FB @cjtennant



Gladys Stoesz-Hammond

Gladys Stoesz-Hammond is a Linocut printmaker. She was born in Winnipeg where she trained and worked as a graphic designer for many years. 


Her artwork is inspired by the beauty of her neighbourhood. Each design is carved into linoleum in reverse, it is then inked and a sheet of paper is placed over it. After burnishing, the paper is carefully lifted to reveal the unique print.


IG @muckleplum

Gladys Stoesz-Hammond_1.JPG

Judy Reardon Smith

Judy Reardon Smith is a ceramic artist .Her pieces range from functional and classic to the dramatic and artistic. Judy's diverse collection include dog sculptures, crow lamps, chicken clocks, sheep yarn bowls, decorative mugs. All pieces resonate with innocence and naivete which can be humorous, or be raw with emotions. 

IG @addictedtoclay

FB @Judy Reardon Smith


Marlene Roy

Marlene Roy has been painting for over 35 years and lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has participated in several group shows and has paintings in private collections in Canada and the United States. 

Roy paints semi-abstract and abstract paintings of landscapes and florals. She does smaller ‘en plein air’ mixed media on paper at the lake where her cottage is located and larger oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper in her city studio.

IG @marlene.ann.roy

FB @marleneannroy


Melissa Greenhill

Melissa is a visual artist living and working in Winnipeg, Canada with her son. She graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2003 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Melissa's mixed media pieces are often created on canvas with plenty of collage, acrylic paint, markers and splashes of tea. 

IG @melissa_greenhill

FB @msgreenhill


Robert Nickel

Robert Nickel is an amateur naturalist whose photographic art provides a glimpse into the immense beauty that surrounds us, deserving to be cared for.


His work includes birds, mammals, insects and landscapes found in Manitoba. He has also taken his lens out into the wilds of neighbouring provinces.


Colleen Chamberlin

Primarily functional in nature, Colleen’s forms are organically shaped and finished with subtle impressions. She prefers the natural earth tones of shino glazed that show marks of the journey of the pot through the fire.  Through function, form and glaze, her work evokes a feeling of comfort - a desire to pick up, hold and use the chosen piece.   

FB @Collen Chamberlin

Colleen Chamberlin.jpeg

Jessica Hodgson

Jessica Hodgson is a ceramic artist and painter passionate about making work that questions our relationships with nature and nourishment.

IG @jessicahodgsonceramics


Karen Smith

Karen Smith has worked with glass for nearly 40 years with a current focus on fused glass kiln work. She melts, bends and fuses the glass, then incorporates drilling, sandblasting and polishing to create her finished artworks. The tactile decorative glass is often functional.


IG @bartlet_pair_glass



Mel Larson

Mel Larson creates yard art and jewelry from household items. Ferrous metals, sterling silver and aluminum are the media of his craft. Whimsical insects,  peculiar creatures and caricatures are wrought from up-cycled utensils and tools.


Reymond Pagé

Reymond Pagé is a drawer, a painter, and a photographer fascinated by the architecture of the world and the human face. Aging façades weathering in their own unique way, relentlessly, inevitably, represent a life lived and treasures preserved.


Steve Jorgenson

Creating pottery full-time since 1975, Steve Jorgenson focuses on functional pots that have complexly glazed and carved designs on their surfaces. Fired in a gas kiln, these stoneware  pots are meant to be used and enjoyed. Steve's educational background includes a B.A in Art from Bethel University in Minnesota, and another in Art Education from Seattle Pacific University.


Find Steve's work at:

The Stoneware Gallery 

The Forks Trading Company 

Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba 

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